Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Answers

So I'm answering the questions that Lisa wanted her blog readers to answer.

Where is your phone? Wherever I set it down at after I'm done with it.
Where is your significant other? At work.
Your hair color? Brown.
Your mother? Is the best and I'm glad that she's also my friend.
Your father? Is a big tease and a lot more fun now that he's mellowed out.
Your favorite thing? Peaceful quiet moments?
Your dream last night? I think I had a nightmare about physical therapy.
Your dream/goal? To survive my children's childhood.
Your hobby? Right now it's cardmaking, although before I had everything I to do it with I enjoyed collecting the stuff to make them with--maybe more than the cardmaking itself.
Room you're in? My bedroom/office/storage closet/grand central station.(And yes, that's all the same room)
Your fear? That my health will never return and I'll just keep going downhill.
Where do you want to be in six years? In a home of our own.
Where were you last night? I got to go fight the crowds at Wal-Mart so I could get my grocery shopping done for the week.
One of your wish list items? Good health!
What you're not? An optimist. I'm more of a realist/borderline pessimist.
Where you grew up? Utah
The last thing you did? Finished up some Christmas cards.
Your TV? On at the moment. My kids are home from school now.
Your pets? We have a penguin, a gecko, a goldfish, a crocodile and two pugs. They're Webkinz though, so I only have to deal with them when the kids are online. Actually THEY deal with them. One of the pugs is mine, though.
Your computer? Getting old--aren't they all?
Your mood? Tired as usual.
Missing someone? Yep. Like Lisa, I have a list.
Your car? Is at BYU with my husband.
Something you're not wearing? A tattoo.
Your summer? Was not long enough.
Love someone? Now that's a silly question...
Your favorite color? Scarlet
When was the last time you laughed? On the phone with my husband when I called him at lunch time.
Last time you cried? Same as above. It's usually a daily occurrence.

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LisAway said...

I was like "WOAH!" about your pets but before I got to the end of the list I figured out that something wasn't right.

Now those are the kind of pets we COULD have. I'll have to look into it.

Thanks so much for doing this! It was fun to read.