Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay, so I'm not doing so well with this, but I have plenty of excuses! ;) I did a yard sale this last Saturday and let me tell you--if you've never done a yard sale before--it's a lot of work!!! I had only about 2 weeks to prepare, but really needed 4 weeks! So we sold all of our baby stuff, and what we didn't sell, we are giving to family that will use it. Can I say that I was SUPER depressed the next day?! I did NOT want to be done having babies, but my health has dictated otherwise. So I'm trying to recover from the stress, the exhaustion, and the depression of the yard sale.

We're heading up to Tremonton on Saturday to visit Bryant's twin brother Brandon and his family for the weekend. I've got to get some cards prepared to make so that his wife and I will have something to do while the guys play games. Then, next Wednesday we're heading to Disneyland with Bryant's family and I'm both excited and also stressed at the same time. I HATE getting ready for trips, and I get to do it twice in less than one week's time. Yippee! I'm also frustrated by the fact that my back is still out of whack after falling down a flight of stairs on the 24th of July at Camp Shalom. My tailbone is still aching and my back muscles are still burning. So I will be hanging out with Trevin on all of the little kiddie rides at Disneyland instead of doing the rides I'd really rather do. I guess it will be a different experience, and I know I will still have fun watching my youngest boy enjoy the new thrills he's never experienced before. I will however miss out on watching my two older boys, as they'll be off with Bryant doing the "real" rides! :( Guess we can't win 'em all! But it will be fun. I just hope I can make it as fun of an experience as possible.

Anyway, that's my little update, and hopefully I'll actually get going here after we get back. Maybe I'll even have some pictures to post! In the meantime--wish me luck! I need it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

So I'm Starting a Blog...

Not because it's something I have always wanted to do, but because everyone else seems to be doing it and having a grand time. Why not join in the fun? So although I can't promise that I'll ever really "get into" the blogging thing, I'll give it a try anyway.